Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Standoff at Sandfing Rock

Standoff at Standing Rock
Good Sky Woman
Wang Ping

you have guns, we got faith
you have media, we got truth
you have tanks, we got horses
you have troops, we got spirits
you have drones, we got drums
you have bombers, we got eagles
you have tear gas, we got prayers
you have water cannon, we got blood
you have crude oil, we got blue water
you signed many treaties, we got endless lies
you have surveillance plane, we got grandma’s vision
you have concussion grenades, we got invincible wisdom
you own big banks, we got the wealth your money can’t buy
you’ve wired our planet, we got hearts tied to the cord of the universe
you have searchlights to blind us, we got 7 billion pairs of eyes wide open

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