Saturday, December 3, 2016

2nd deployment to Standing Rock

2nd deployment to Standing Rock, with drum red cedar prayer flags and 2000 veterans.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Standoff at Sandfing Rock

Standoff at Standing Rock
Good Sky Woman
Wang Ping

you have guns, we got faith
you have media, we got truth
you have tanks, we got horses
you have troops, we got spirits
you have drones, we got drums
you have bombers, we got eagles
you have tear gas, we got prayers
you have water cannon, we got blood
you have crude oil, we got blue water
you signed many treaties, we got endless lies
you have surveillance plane, we got grandma’s vision
you have concussion grenades, we got invincible wisdom
you own big banks, we got the wealth your money can’t buy
you’ve wired our planet, we got hearts tied to the cord of the universe
you have searchlights to blind us, we got 7 billion pairs of eyes wide open

Monday, November 14, 2016

Super Moon Over Standing Rock
This is a peace camp.
We are here to spread love on earth.
We are here to protect water on earth
No military police is needed.
No toxic fog is needed.
No sonic bombs are needed.
No dogs or bullets are needed.
No killing drones are needed.
No dazzlers to blind our eyes
No oil pipelines to scorch our rivers and land.
We'll be here till blizzard falls on us
We'll be here till truth blossoms.
We'll be here till buffaloes run wild.
We'll be here till rivers run free.
We'll be here as One Nation of Peace
Till spring comes singing again!
Wang Ping

Friday, November 11, 2016

To Standing Rock

All packed and ready to go! Food, herbs, river flags, tea eggs, sacred water, red cedar, shells, rocks...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm proud of being a St. Paul resident! The city council declared its support for Standing Rock! Thank you Jane Prince, for passing this resolution. Hennepin County, when are you bringing back your troop from Standing Rock?

Patagonia donating winter gears to Standing Rock water protectors

Patagonia supporting Standing Rock with winter gears

3 boxes of warm clothes
Today, I went to Pike Island, "Center of Earth" for the Santee (Dakoda) Sioux, to get blessing for my trip to Standing Rock. At the muddy bank where the Mississippi meets the Minnesota River, I came upon these rocks, perfectly flat at the bottom, standing in a semi-circle in the muddy sand. The rivers have brought them there, standing rocks in red, brown, white, black...imprinted with fossils from millions of years ago.
They stand as witnesses under the Fort Snelling, on this Island, where the Sioux fished, hunted and collected stones to sharpen their knives for hundreds of years, until the white settlers took their land and rivers, causing the massive starvation. In 1862, the Little Crow led the Sioux to an uprising. The US Army put the revolt down, then condemned 303 Dakotas for war crimes. President Lincoln remanded the death sentence of 285 of the warriors, signing off on the execution of 38 Dakota men on December 29, 1862 in Mankato, Minnesota, the largest mass execution in US history. Pike Island was used as the concentration camp for more than 1600 Dakota women, children and old men. Many died of diseases in winter. The survivors were exiled in spring 1863. US government announced all the previous treaties were null and void.
Now these stones are blessing water protectors at Standing Rock.…

Coldwater Spring and Standing Rock Camp

I brought two gallons of Sacred water from Coldwater Spring to Standing Rock Camp. Grandmother Lyon and Vanessa were delighted to receive this gift. It was used for water ceremony at Cannon Ball river.

Blessings from sacred water at Coldwater Spring St. Paul for my trip to Standing Rock on Friday . All the river flags have been blessed by this very sacred water. It's extremely peaceful here on a very sorrowful day. My heart felt much soothed afterwards. I feel ready to go on the journey.